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A bylaw of the Town of Pilot Butte in the Province of Saskatchewan, to manage and control the use, consumption and discharge of a water and sewer public utility.

    For 2009 and future, Dog Licenses are no longer issued or required by the Town of Pilot Butte. However, please ensure that your dog or cat has some kind of identification in case it is picked up by the Town or the Humane Society. Dogs are to be on a LEASH when not on your property. A limit of 3 dogs per household has been established. Kennels built on the property must be a minimum of 3 feet from the property line and a minimum of 15 feet from a dwelling unit located on an adjacent property. If your dog is found running at large, it will be taken to the Humane Society in Regina and all costs and charges levied by the Humane Society are the responsibility of the dog/cat owner. Humane traps are available from the Town Office if you are having a problem with stray cats or dogs.


    The Town has a Curfew Bylaw regulating children under the age of 16 YEARS in any public place, after the hour of 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Public place means any public place within the Town of Pilot Butte, including streets and lanes as well as town-owned facilities.


    A snowmobile or ATV may be operated between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM ONLY, from the place of residence or place of business to the closest point of exit, and from the closest point of exit to the place of residence or place of business. Snowmobiling in the Town limits is unlawful. No person shall operate an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) on any private or public property within the town limits.


    It’s nice to live in a small town. It’s also hard to complain to the neighbours when their music may be too loud or they are mowing their grass at 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning while you are trying to sleep. There is a Noise Bylaw to help you out.


    The throwing, propelling, ejecting, lighting, firing, exploding, setting off, or discharging of firecrackers or other fireworks of every nature and kind are prohibited in the Town of Pilot Butte unless written approval of the Town of Pilot Butte Fire Chief has been acquired.


    No person shall discharge any firearm, air gun, BB gun, .22 rifle or other explosive of any kind within the Town limits.


    Please do not park on the town boulevards or pavement, especially after a heavy snowfall. This will assist in quick snow removal and prevent any possible damage to your vehicle(s). In addition, it is unlawful and you could be subject to a fine.


    The maximum heavy vehicle weight for any road in the Town of Pilot Butte is 34,500 kg. Heavy vehicle weights in excess of 34,500 kg are only permitted on the heavy vehicle route or to make deliveries in the Town. If you own or operate a heavy vehicle you may use the most direct route from your residence to your business.


    The Town of Pilot Butte will provide backflow preventors (to a max. of 10 residents) at no cost, but residents are responsible for installation costs. If a resident has a sewer backup the resident will be encouraged to install the preventor to prevent possible backups.

    If you have any questions or want to learn more about these (or other) bylaws, please contact the Town Office by phone at 781-4547 or by e-mail: .
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The times have changed…again. We have simplified the callers menu for your convenience.

You will still connect using the main number at 781-4547, and then you are prompted to select from the menu as shown below:

1. Building Permits & Accounts Payable
2. Recreation Director
3. General Office Services – Including Tax & Utility Information
4. Emergency After Hours Only


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