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Dear Resident:

On behalf of Council, this is an update to your Central Water Project. As the year draws to a close, the water project construction has progressed at a steady pace, with the Butte Street sewage pumping station now in operation, the water treatment plant and booster pump house at the well sites close to completion with planned commissioning in January/February 2013, and the water distribution system construction to be completed for Contract A (approximately half of the Town) by January 2013 with the balance of the Town planned to be completed in 2013.

Water Distribution System

  • The water mains install/service connections work is continuing on 4th Street, from 1st Avenue to Railway Avenue and 3rd Street from Railway Avenue to 1st Avenue. A reminder there is NO PARKING on the town boulevard/streets during the water main install work on your block.

    • The driveways may be cut by the contractor to allow for the water mains installation.

  • The Contractor plans to complete the water mains /service connections work for Contract A which includes the balance of 4th Street and 3rd Street during the month of January 2013.

  • The line boring work for water service lines into homes by the Town contractor is to commence again in February/March 2013 starting with the completion of 7th Street/8th Street, and onwards.

  • The water mains install/service connections work will begin again and follow the line boring work as it is completed, street by street.

  • Pavement of the roads will commence again in the 2013 construction season-more information on this in the spring of 2013.

  • The balance of the water distribution system construction for the Town is planned to be completed in the 2013 construction season.

    • Attached is a map of the water distribution showing the water mains and line boring completed to date and proposed to be completed by January 2013.

  • While construction is occurring in your area, we realize it does cause you some disruption and inconvenience, and we appreciate your co-operation and patience.


Line Boring Agreements/Appointments The line boring work has been stopped by the contractor for now. When the contractor is back in Town, Debbie will be contacting you to schedule your appointment. If you have not returned your signed agreement for the line boring to the Town, Debbie will contact you.


Homeowner Contractor for Water Service Line on Your Property

  • If you are planning to use your own contractor to install the water service line into your home, the Town fee to connect your water service line to the Town’s water curb box is $750. You must notify the Town if you are installing your own water service line on your property with the information as to the location of your water service line for connection. Your contractor cannot make the connection at the Town curb box, due to warranty issues and the requirement for the Town to inspect/approve the service connection.

Water Meters Install/Plumbing
  • The water meter installs for each home have been tendered and been awarded to Stormy’s Mechanical and A/C from Pilot Butte, on behalf of the Town. This work is estimated to commence in 2013 once the water treatment plant is operational. The plumbing in your home would have to be ready for the water meter install. Stormy’s Mechanical can convert your plumbing in your home at the same time as the water meter is being installed, as a separate cost paid by the homeowner. More information on this process will be provided once this has been finalized.

Synervoice Messaging

  • The Town uses the synervoice messaging system to provide residents water project construction updates, and if you are not signed up to receive these messages, we encourage you to contact the Town office at 781-4547.

If you require answers to questions on the water project, I encourage you to call me to discuss in person, come by the town office, email me at or drop off your questions, comments, or suggestions in the town office mail slot and I will do my best to reply to you and/or address them in my next newsletter.

On behalf of the Town Council and Town staff, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013!


Darlene Woloshyn

Town of Pilot Butte Project Manager


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