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Residents who own and operate ATV’s are reminded that there are penalties in the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicles Act pertaining to the operation of ATV’s by minors, to the operation of ATVs by anyone on private land not owned by the operator, and restrictions on operations on public lands.  Please take a few moments to read the Town of Butte ATV Bylaw and the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicles Act provided on the Town website.  The Act provides for penalties of $1000 for persons operating an ATV in contravention of the law.

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The times have changed…again. We have simplified the callers menu for your convenience.

You will still connect using the main number at 781-4547, and then you are prompted to select from the menu as shown below:

1. Building Permits & Accounts Payable
2. Recreation Director
3. General Office Services – Including Tax & Utility Information
4. Emergency After Hours Only


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