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Bylaw 11-2017


Being a pet owner requires all sorts of responsibility, one that is often overlooked is licencing your pet.

The Town of Pilot Butte has enacted a new bylaw to control dogs and cats.  This new Dog & Cat Control – Ownership and Possession Bylaw addresses licencing pets, dogs and cats running at large, dangerous dogs, and the impoundment of dogs, cats and other regulations within the bylaw.

 As loyal as our pets are, they may find themselves lost and unable to return home one day.  Having your pet licensed ensures that they can be identified and returned more easily.

Why is it so important to license your pet?

  • It is now required in Pilot Butte;
  • A licence will drastically improve your chances of finding your pet should they get lost;
  • The cost of a licence is far less than the fee for not having one;
  • Helps the Town keep track of how many pets a resident owns as we work to regulate how many animals can be kept for the health and safety of our community.
  • Helps to identify if an animal belongs to a resident.

Luckily, getting a license for your pet is easy.  You can get one from the Town Office and our licences are for the lifetime of your pet.

In accordance with Bylaw 11-2017 the licensing fees are as follows effective immediately:

Female dog   $40
Spayed Female dog  $20
Male dog  $40
Neutered Male dog $20
Female and Male Cat $40
Sterilized Female and Male Cat $20

**  To view the complete bylaw please visit the Town website at
**  The Pet License Application is available as a fillable .pdf on the Town website and in the Town Office.

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