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2015 Waterworks Financial Overview
July 2016

 Total Waterworks Revenue: $963,632.71
 Total Waterworks Expenditures:  $652,816.95
 Total Debt Payments:  $965,406.83

Comparison of Waterworks revenue to expenditures and debt payments, (expressed as a ratio):

  963,632.71           =         59.55%

Reserves available for waterworks capital infrastructure:            $793,457.00

As a note of information, the town commenced operating its waterworks system in June 2013 after the completion of the water treatment plant construction.  With the exception of eight (8) properties, full connections to the waterworks system was achieved in 2015.

The following additional information is available at the Town Office on the waterworks:

  • the Waterworks Rate Policy and capital investment strategy
  • capital plans in place and related sources of funding for the projects
  • 2015 Financial overview of the waterworks
  • waterworks reserves

Information as required under Part VIII, Section 55 of The Municipalities Regulations, is provided to the public through the Town of Pilot Butte website.

A copy of the information has been sent to Government of Saskatchewan, Government Relations, Municipal Infrastructure and Finance,
 1855 Victoria Avenue, Room 410 – 4th Floor, Regina, Sk.  S4P 3T2

1.306.781.4547 2q6scrlTRun0l5aDmcAFuAkFO2fAlJWZsERxdLULiTA     


The times have changed…again. We have simplified the callers menu for your convenience.

You will still connect using the main number at 781-4547, and then you are prompted to select from the menu as shown below:

1. Building Permits & Accounts Payable
2. Recreation Director
3. General Office Services – Including Tax & Utility Information
4. Emergency After Hours Only


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