Building Permits and Development

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Building Permit Information

The Municipality of Pilot Butte requires and issues building permits because, by law, it is required that the municipality administer and enforce the Provincial Government’s Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act. This Act states that the owner of each building in Saskatchewan shall ensure that the building is designed, constructed, erected, placed, altered, repaired, renovated, demolished, relocated, removed, used or occupied in accordance with building standards.
During the time of the build, homes are assessed by Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency.  We are charged a fee for this service. This fee will be included in the cost of the permit once approval is received by the Saskatchewan Government, Ministry of Building Standards and Licencing Branch.

Upon review of existing processes regarding Development and Building Permit Applications, the Town will now only accept Development and Building Permit Applications submitted by the title holder.

This will ensure that the requirements of the Architectural Controls have been addressed prior to submission. With this in mind, the Town will no longer be monitoring Architectural Controls.

All Applications submitted by a builder who is not named on the title will be returned.

From this day forward, the Town will also be removing the option for the title holder to provide a Tax & Utility Agreement.  The responsibility for any costs pertaining to the land will be the responsibility of the title holder. 

 the carrying out of any building engineering, mining or other operations, in, on, or over land, or the making of any material change in the use or intensity of use of a building or land.

Development Permit
 a permit, issued by the Council of the Town of Pilot Butte or the Development Officer, as the case may be, that authorizes development but does not include a building permit.

 a structure used or intended to be used for the shelter or accommodation of persons, animals, goods, chattels or equipment, having a roof which is supported by columns or walls and including tents and other temporary structures.

Building Permit
 a permit issued by the Council of the Town of Pilot Butte or its designate that authorized the erection, or placement, alteration, repair, construction, renovation or reconstruction for all or part of a building or structure, but does not include the development permit requirements.

Building Bylaw
 a bylaw which regulates the erection, alteration, repair, occupancy, or maintenance of building and structure.

Zoning Bylaw
 The purpose of the Zoning Bylaw is to implement the policies in the Official Community Plan and to regulate land use.

For all permits, the first step is the Development Application (Form A1) & Building Application (Form A2).

For all residential builds (excluding new homes), the permit must include:

  1. Development Application (Form A1)
  2. Building Application (Form A2)
  3. Any required forms depending on your build
  4. Site plans, engineered trusses and plan drawings approved by an engineer
  5. Residential - Permit Information Form (Provided by our building inspector)
  6. Residential - Plan Review Checklist (Provided by our building inspector).

For Commercial Builds, the permit must include:

  1. Development Application (Form A1)
  2. Building Application (Form A2)
  3. Any required forms depending on your build
  4. Site plans, engineered trusses and plan drawings approved by an engineer
  5. Commercial – Permit Information Form (Provided by our building inspector)Commercial – Plan Review Checklist (Provided by our building inspector).

For a new house please provide with each permit application (ensuring that all forms in the package are included and complete) 
At this time we have fillable forms for new homes only.

  1. Development Application (Form A1)
  2. Building Application (Form A2)
  3. Sewer Service Application (Form B1)
  4. Water Service Application (Form B2)
  5. Sewage Back Flow Preventor (Form B3)
  6. Refundable Building Deposit (Form C1)
  7. An electronic copy of house plans, site plans, engineered trusses and plan drawings approved by an engineer with Architectural Control Approval where required
  8. Residential Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary
  9. Residential - Permit Information Form (Provided our building inspector)
  10. Residential - Plan Review Checklist (Provided by our building inspector)

All permits must be submitted by email to

At this point we can approve or decline the application based on the site plans provided the location of the building complies with our zoning bylaw.
If the Development Permit is not approved as it does not comply with the Town’s zoning, the builder/developer may appeal to the local Development Appeals Board. If the builder/developer is still not satisfied with the Appeals Board decision, they then may appeal to the Provincial Appeals Board.

Once the Development Permit has been approved and Building Permit signed off by the Development Officer, the building permit is sent to Professional Building Inspections in Emerald Park.

For New Homes, the plumber will be required to contact the town 24 hours in advance to arrange for a Town Representative to inspect the Water and Sewer Connection.

When all inspections are complete without deficiencies as confirmed by our Building Inspector, and all requirements of the Town of Pilot Butte are met which includes receiving the Real Property Report & Elevation Certificate, the permit holder is in a position to receive 50% of the refundable building deposit. The remainder of the refundable building deposit will be returned to the homeowner once the landscaping is completed.

In the case of Condominium Units and other Developments, where the landscaping and driveways are completed prior to the sale to the new homeowner, the entire deposit will be refunded to the Payee when all the requirements are met.

When all inspections are complete, there are requirements that must be met, for permit holder/home owner to receive the refundable building deposit. Please review the DEVELOPMENT and BUILDING INFORMATION that accompanies each permit application.

Please note that we now have included a discretionary use application which will be used when applying for a discretionary use application. There is a $20 fee for a discretionary use application.

The Building Permits that do not require a Development Permit are Renovations or Basement Development; however a Building Permit (Form A2) is still required.

All permits pertaining to mobile homes in Walters Mobile Home Park must contact the owners of Walters Mobile Home Park.

For new homes you must have your plumber contact the town office to schedule a time for the Water Meter Installation which will be installed by a Town Representative. 

Residents may call Professional Building Inspections directly if they have questions about the Building Codes.
If you have any questions, please call 781-4547-option #1
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