Councillor Jean Lowenberger

Jean LowenbergerMy husband Fred and I have lived in Pilot Butte for the past twenty years. I received my Bachelor of Education degree in 1974 from the University of Regina, majoring in physical education and business education. I participated in the ladies national fastball championships in 1970, 1972 and 1974. I also participated in the National Ladies Curling Championships in 1975.

I have taught in the Prairie Valley School Division for fifteen years, and have run my own sewing and embroidery business since 2002. I have served on the Board of Revision and the Development Appeals Board for the Town of Pilot Butte. I am presently a council representative on the recreation board and the White Butte Planning Committee.

I am eager to implement our Strategic Plan that we have invested a lot of time on, as I believe it will give the town a good direction for the future. I am also eager to see the completion of our new wastewater treatment plant. I conscientiously represent the citizens of Pilot Butte at council meetings by making these meetings a priority to communicate our citizens’ concerns. I am always open to meet and discuss how we can make Pilot Butte a better community together.