Pilot Butte Spray Park

A Unique Community Project: 
This is an exciting time for the residents of Pilot Butte! The Pilot Butte Spray Park Committee and the Town of Pilot Butte are working together to create a spray park in the community. This project will: 
  • provide space for youth to play and be active
  • generate social opportunities for local families 
  • be designed with safety in mind
  • provide for accessible play and encourage inclusivity
  • create local tourism from the surrounding area
  • allow for space around the pad for enjoyment of the outdoors
This project is not only about creating space with a spray park, but it’s about creating a space where the community can gather both young and old and make memories together. A place where neighbors can become friends and the community can get together and enjoy the warm days of summer together.
Would you like to make a donation to the Pilot Butte Spray Park? If so, click here to download the donation form. Donations and donation forms can be sent in by mail or brought in to the Town Office. The Town will issue an official receipt for income taxes purposes if requested (please note this on the form and ensure a mailing address is included).
Upcoming Spray Park Events:

Virtual Bottle Drive- Event Poster
Recycling in Inland Park- The Spray Park Committee has set up bottle recycling bins around the park space. Money raised from this initiative is put into the fundraising pool.
Current Amount Raised- $106,918.65
Overall Goal Amount = $275,000
The Town of Pilot Butte and the Spray Park Committee would like to thank the PILOT BUTTE KINETTE CLUB for their very generous donation of $25,000 to the project. Thank you so much for this donation, along with all your support along the way thus far in the communities efforts to make this dream a reality!!

The current Spray Park Community would also like to recognize the many volunteers from the former Pilot Butte Community Association and their efforts!

Spray Park Location: 
The park will be located at the corner of Butte Street and 3rd Avenue. This location proved to be the most cost effective for the community with the most direct access to the required mechanical and infrastructure needed for the park. The space also has a complimentary park in its the current location which creates an opportunity for multiple recreation activities to occur simultaneously.


Donor List:
Pilot Butte Kinettes
Trademark Homes Inc.