Utility EBills

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The Town of Pilot Butte now offers residents the opportunity to receive specific municipal notices as attachments in an e-mail rather than by regular mail.  

The service will be available beginning with the May Utility Notice, which will be sent out at the end of May. 

If you would like your utility bills emailed to you as an EBILL, please note that a Consent Form must be filled out, signed and returned to the Town Office, prior to Friday, May 20 at 12 noon.  Click on the link below to access the fillable.pdf Consent Form.

You can drop off the completed and signed form at the Town Office or scan the form and e-mail it to townofpilotbutte@sasktel.net
Consent to the use of e-mail for the delivery of municipal notices includes agreement with the following:
  1. Failure to receive an e-mailed municipal notice does not release me from my responsibility to pay any charges specified on the notice, or any penalties which may be incurred by late payment.
  2. I will inform the Town of Pilot Butte of any change in my e-mail address as soon as possible, to prevent the misdirection of notices and reduce the risk of my not receiving a notice.
  3. I may withdraw from e-mail delivery at any time.  To do so I will inform the Town of Pilot Butte, and all notices which were previously e-mailed to me will be sent by regular mail.